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Frequently Asked Questions

No Approval, No fee.
An amazing offer:

We promise that if we are unable to gain Planning Permission approval for your conservatory, even after an appeal, we will refund your design fee in full.

This offer excludes the Planning Application fee of £190.00 and £35.00 Ordnance Survey Maps, as they are not our costs. This offer applies to all self-survey packages only.

Please click here to find out more about our self-survey packages.

Why are your fees considerably less than traditional practices?
Traditional Architects can charge anywhere between £600 and £1000 plus to design a Conservatory Planning Permission application. Conservatory Plans Online charges a fixed fee of £249.00. We can do this by keeping our overheads low and passing on these savings to you, typical examples of this is the fact that we don’t employ a Secretary or have an office in a town centre, these two points I would estimate save us around £75.000 a year, and we also employ the use of state-of-the-art computer aided design software to save us time.

What will the design fee and Local Authority Planning fees be for my plans and application

Typical Price (Self-survey)
Design Fee
Ordnance Survey Maps
£ 35.00

Planning Application and Submission Fee


Do you apply to the Local Authority for Planning Permission? 
Yes, we fill out all the Planning Application forms and act as agent until the Planning decision arrives.

Do your fees include VAT?
The price quoted is the price that you will pay, we do not believe in hidden charges and we hope to build our client base by recommendation and word of mouth, I personally don't like taking my car to a garage and asking for a price only to find out later when I pick the car up that VAT has been added.

What happens if the Council want our conservatory amending and do you charge for this?
Occasionally, the Local Authority may want you to slightly move or re-size your conservatory for one reason or another. We don't charge for making amendments to your plan's, these are included in our fees.

What happens if my Planning Application is rejected?
We will amend and re-submit your second application free of charge. The Planning application fee covers 2 applications.

What areas do you cover?

Method 1 - Full survey and conservatory design.

One of our designers will travel to your property and perform a survey and take the photographs we need to compile the Planning Application. Our design offices are marked on the map below. The fixed price for this service is £325.00.

map showing the coverage of our architects

We will then design your Conservatory Planning Permission Application and submit it to your local authority Planning Department, and act as agent until the Planning decision arrives.

Method 2 - We are able to cover all of the U.K. with our £249.00 Self-Survey Service. The homeowner takes a simple self survey and photographs of their own property.

The survey pack can be downloaded here:


Conservatory Measurement Pack.

(200kb) zip file.

How detailed are your drawings?
Our drawings are extremely detailed and fully annotated. All of our design work is produced to an excellenent standard using the latest AutoCad software.

Typically a set of drawings will include existing and proposed plans and elevations. Our drawings are far more detailed than is actually required for Planning Permission application.

How long do the approvals from the Local Authority take to be processed?
The time it takes Local Authorities to process planning applications differs from council to council. Planning decisions should take a around 8 weeks to be processed if everything runs smoothly.

Do you provide any other services?
We can also design the following projects:

Single Storey Extensions
Double Storey Extensions Garages
Garage Conversions Porches

Please click on the link below to find out about these projects:

Can you provide us with plans for a Retrospective Planning application?
Yes, we can provide you with plans for a Retrospective Planning application where conservatories were built without first gaining Local Authority approval. As with any application, approval cannot be guaranteed. This type of application is often required during a house conveyance.

Please click here to find out about our Retrospective Planning and Certificate of Lawfulness design services.

Can you provide a quote for our conservatory?
No, we do not supply quotes for conservatories. but we suggest you use this site for a conservatory quotation:

Is postage and printing included in your fees?
Yes, all postage and printing is included for sending the homeowner 2 sets of plans, We also send you a copy of the plans in PDF format by email, should you wish to print your own copies.

Can I start building my conservatory before obtaining the Planning Approval?
No, If you do start works before approval you may be forced to put the building back to it's original state entirely at your own cost, which may result in demolishing all new building works. It is extremely risky to start works prior to obtaining Planning Permission approval, We would always always advise against such action no matter what the circumstances.

Do you have a links page for recommended companies and services?

Yes, we have a links page here.

If you have any questions that we have missed from here please use the contact us here and I will post them to this page.


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